Henri & Catherine Darricau

Interior designers, are both creative artists and technicians at the same time. They work in close collaboration because from the moment they start drawing up plans, volumes, light and space all go hand in hand with the decor. When shaping your interior, Henri and Catherine factor in both style and practicalities, coming up with daring and smart solutions to optimise space, all the while listening to your needs and wishes, constantly striving to amaze you and inspire your dreams.

Henri, Catherine and their carefully chosen team of highly skilled artisans have a natural flair for materials (wood, marble, fabrics).

Whatever style you’re looking for, from classic to contemporary, they can provide you with a comprehensive solution, with a personal touch, thanks to their sophisticated craftsmanship, enthusiasm and artistic knowledge. They can handle all your interior design needs, from planning to decorating, and if you so wish, they can even add the finishing touches, e.g. decorative items, crockery, household linen etc.